Great music gear never dies - it just...
fades, rattles, pops, cuts out, sounds like *%$#&!, or becomes ENGULFED IN FLAMES!!!

When it does - call RFi Audio

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We NEVER use the word obsolete!

1972 Marshall with white tolex!

We don't use the word "obsolete" here at RFi Audio. If your main squeeze is on the fritz, you probably don't want to hear that word either. We specialize in taking care of tube and solid state amps, mixers, outboard gear, analog and digital recorders, and much, much more.

From replacing blown tubes to sophisticated circuitry repair, we service all aspects of a performing musician's gear. These include digital/analog effects pedals and rack effects, preamps, amplifiers of all sizes and vintages; everything from the intruments' cable to the electrical socket.

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RARE old Gibson Lectern!

Just to name a few, though not all, of the brand names of music electronics repair we've seen in the shop: Tube and transitor pieces by Fender, Roland, Gibson, Vox; effects pedals by MXR, electro-harmonix, BOSS and many more.

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Connect with us

Our hours are:

10am - 6pm M-F

We are located at:
821 Louise Avenue, Charlotte, N.C.

PH: (704) 957-7040

Note: Our staff handles many onsite installations and repairs. As a result, we are not always available for consultation at the Louise Ave address.

Please call before stopping by.

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